U.S. Corn Farmers Want Science from Mexico on GMO Corn Ban

February 14, 2023

Time is running out on Mexico for it to explain the science behind the country’s planned ban on GMO corn imports. If it continues, the dispute threatens to disrupt billions of dollars worth of corn trade between the United States and Mexico. Colorado farmer Troy Schneider says this is a huge issue for corn growers like him.

"It's huge," said Schneider. "If you look at our exports, we export 17% of our national corn crop. And of that, about 5% goes to Mexico. It's a large customer of ours. Where are they getting this push? What's driving them?"

He says they have a pretty good idea of what's driving Mexico on this proposed ban on GMO corn.

"Jacqueline Wilson from Alliance, Neb. and myself just went over to the collaboration platform on agriculture with NCBA and NCBA," said Schneider. "I think it's influenced from the European Union and other nations that are driving Mexico to push this. We have to head this off because if we don't, those ideas over in Europe are going to hit our shores here and they're slowly coming onshore. So, we have to be able to know how they lost or lost their footing with their public sentiment over in Europe, because I think that's where Mexico's getting their push. But it's huge and what's next? How are they going to feed their people? I mean, we'll send them beef, but they've got to think about how they're going to feed their people."

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative says the next steps could include escalating the dispute settlement process under the USMCA which organizations like the National Corn Growers Association support if a resolution can’t be worked out otherwise.

Source: Western Ag Network