Superior Livestock Corn Belt Classic Exceeds Expectations 

June 17, 2021

The first test of the 2021 calf market was held in South Sioux City, Nebraska as Superior Livestock Auction held its annual Corn Belt Classic Sale.

Over 50,388 head of calves, feeder cattle and breeding stock were offered.

Superior Livestock Representative Clint Berry told the Western Ag Network that the turn out of buyers was outstanding.

“So, a lot of a lot of calves that were February, March, April or May calvers that are going to ship in October and November to their new homes sold,” said Berry. “We sold a big jag and them today and really set the market. While you don't have anything to directly compare to because this is the first big run we've had. I would say these cattle out, probably outperformed my expectations by $8 or $10 bucks a hundred weight.”

Region 2 Cattle from CO, IA, MT, ND, NE, SD, WY

Berry added that the volatility in the ag markets did not seem to impact the sale.

“Just a ton of optimism,” said Berry. “Corn was down on the board a little bit today, which didn't hurt. Live cattle were down to today too. Even though the board may have not went in the direction we wanted, in some aspects, the optimism in the room from the buyers was the static. It was just a great auction. One of the stoutest ones we've had in a long time. I just applaud our buyers for having a confidence in our customers cattle. And our customers for allowing us to market, their cattle on the world's biggest market and it just turned out to be a great day all the way around.”

As for heavier, current delivery cattle, Berry said they were strong as well.

"Our feeders were probably $5 to $7 bucks heavier," said Berry. "The vast majority of those feeders are immediate delivery. So they're going to ship say within the next four weeks."

Click here for the break down of cattle sold by region. 

Source: Western Ag Network, Superior Livestock Auction