Registration Now Open for Much Anticipated 2022 American Lamb Summit

April 7, 2022

The much-anticipated second American Lamb Summit is set for August 8-9, 2022, in East Lansing, MI. Registration is now open. The purpose of this interactive event is to inspire the next level of change and collaboration among all segments of the US Lamb industry to improve our competitiveness, product quality and productivity through increased use of the most efficient, progressive management tools.

Summit co-sponsors, the American Lamb Board (ALB) and Premier 1 Supplies, urge industry members to register early as participation is limited to 250 individuals. The registration fee is $200 with an optional tour organized by the Michigan Sheep Producers Association (MSPA) on August 10 for an additional fee of $125 and limited to 36 participants. To learn more and register, go to

Stan Potratz, founder of Premier 1 Supplies, urges American Lamb producers, direct marketers, feeders, educators, packers and processors to attend. “Lamb Summit 2022 will help the industry and its individual members identify strategies to increase the value of their US Lamb, and network with progressive industry leaders and producers,” he said.

“There’s no sitting back to see what may or may not happen. Our industry’s viability requires action based on the best information possible, and that’s what we intend to offer,” said Peter Camino, ALB chairman.

The Aug. 8 program includes topics such as:

·  Reality Check: US Lamb industry challenges and opportunities to increase our competitiveness

·  Competitor Analysis: What our competitors are doing to improve quality and productivity

·  Good Eating: Differentiating lamb flavor to ensure more positive lamb eating experiences

·  You Be the Judge: Tasting panel to compare muscles and cooking techniques of cuts from a single lamb carcass

·  Yield Matters: Breaking down carcasses to compare YG4 versus YG2 fat and muscle yields

·  Dollars & Cents: Calculating how to price lamb cuts

·  More Lambing Seasons: Will accelerated lambing benefit you?

·  Under the Hide: Evaluating lamb carcasses for quality

·  Lamb on Fire: Cooking techniques that result in the best eating experience


On Aug. 9, these topics will be covered:

·  Muscles & Meat: Understanding basic meat and muscle biology and how it impacts eating quality

·  Genetic Link: Utilizing genetics to maximize edible muscle

·  Whole New World: Importance of the non-traditional market

·  Getting the Picture: Using ultrasound to evaluate carcass quality on live lambs

·  Genetics at Work: How to use terminal sires and EPDs to increase lean meat yield

·  Sheep and the Environment: Impacts of sheep production

·  Feeding Strategies: Nutrition's affect on carcass composition

·  Customer Satisfaction: How to ensure a high-quality product for direct marketing

The optional tour on Aug. 10 is in the Detroit area, which has lamb packing plants, retailers who specialize in sales to the non-traditional lamb market, and many ethnic restaurants that feature lamb on their menus. This region is home to the largest Arab-American population in the US, who are important customers for the American Lamb industry. The all-day tour features the following:

·  Wolverine Packing Company Tour — largest lamb packer east of the Mississippi with a lamb and meat distribution business exceeding 4,000 products

·  Ronnie Berry Halal Meats — full-service meat market meeting the needs of lamb consumers

·  Eastern Market — one of the oldest farmers' markets in the country that has developed into a large, urban food innovation center

·  Al- Ameer Restaurant — enjoy a banquet feast for lunch at the largest Middle Eastern restaurant in the area

·  Shatila Bakery — your sweet tooth will be satisfied at this world-class bakery

·  Landmark Sites — from a distance you'll see Ford Motor Company’s massive River Rouge Complex

·  MSPA representatives will provide commentary on the local sites and the Michigan sheep industry

Source: American Lamb Board