Ranchers Helping to End Hunger Through The Producer Partnership

April 27, 2023

Unfortunately, food insecurity is a growing problem, even here in Rural America. The good news is that more people including farmers and ranchers are stepping up to help.

Matt Pierson, President of The Producer Partnership in Livingston says they're joining the fight to end hunger in Montana.

Our program definitely started in 2020 during COVID," said Pierson. "It really just started out as a way for us to be able to help our neighbors here in Livingston. It's really grown into a statewide. Almost phenomenon, I guess. You know, the way that we see it. It's grown so fast, it's kind of hard to keep track of. But, you know, you go from there to where we are now. We have our own federally inspected, nonprofit operated processing facility. We were just about closing in on the £200,000 donated across the entire state, which is which is big. You know, we're excited about that number, but we're we're even more excited about the potential that we have moving forward.

He says they’re asking for donations this spring to help with their mission of feeding those less fortunate fill Montana’s Food Banks with nutritious meat. 

"We absolutely would," said Pierson. "It's springtime and everybody is calving and really busy. It's one of those things that we just kind of have to keep reminding people that we're here. There's another opportunity out there to do something with cull animals. So, it's just good to get that word out there for us."

He says The Producer Partnership is allowing them to be a voice for all livestock producers in the fight to end hunger.

"So many of the producers that we talk to are great people that help out in all of their communities and they do so much already," said Pierson. "This is just sort of an extension of really our way of life. One of the things that we really enjoy about our project is the ability for people to bring us animals that they really couldn't sell in a ring and get anything for. We're not looking for that 1,500 pound steer. we're looking for those animals that are hard to sell.

If you’re interested in donating an animal, they’re currently accepted at the Public Auction Yards in Billings, Highland Livestock in Livingston, and Prewitt Land and Livestock in Fairview and Ovando. It also works to drop off directly to any processor, just designate which area you would like to use. No question, a great program for a great cause.

Learn mare about The Producer Partnership by clicking here.

Source: Western Ag Network