New Secure Sheep and Wool Supply Plan Videos Available

February 26, 2024

The American Sheep Industry Association released two videos this week that demonstrate how the association’s Secure Sheep and Wool Supply Plan can be implemented at a lamb packing plant and a lamb feedlot.

Participants on one of the industry tours during the 2024 ASI Annual Convention in Denver got a first-hand look at both Superior Farms and Harper Feeders, as well as their use of the SSWS Plan for continuity of business in the face of a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in the United States.

The plant and the feedlot worked with the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Preventalytics to develop an SSWS business continuity plan. To ASI’s knowledge, Superior Farms was the first packing plant and Harper Feeders was the first lamb feedlot in Colorado to get their Enhanced Biosecurity Plans reviewed and deemed acceptable. They were also the first in the United States to achieve these accolades.

FMD is an easily spread virus that causes blisters on feet and in the mouth of animals with divided hooves, such as sheep, cattle, pigs, goats and deer. It does not make people sick. It is not a food safety risk. Meat is safe to eat.

Funding for the videos was made possible from a grant provided to ASI from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program.

Click Here to learn more about the SSWS Plan.

Source: ASI