New RangeView™ Features Help Ranchers Optimize Rangeland and Herd Management

May 23, 2024

Envu Range & Pasture is helping ranchers adapt to adversity by introducing new features within RangeView™. The new available features help with rotation planning, herd data management and making the best grazing decisions for the ranch year over year. 

“Ranchers are constantly adapting to challenges like extreme weather and invasive weeds.” said Justin Hossfeld, national sales manager, Envu Range & Pasture. “The RangeView™ digital rangeland tool continues to evolve as we introduce new features to help ranchers make their operations more resilient and flexible.”

The new RangeView features include:

  • Rotational grazing planning for each herd
  • Weight progression and shipping date tracking
  • A ranch management dashboard with market trends, weather, industry news, and wildfire updates
  • Pasture forage average productivity calculations
  • And more!

Envu previously introduced RangeView to simplify the day-to-day for ranchers, allowing them to focus on what matters. RangeView features invasive brush, weed, and grass mapping, plus customized treatment planning, herbicide application history, and the Long Haul Guarantee. The combination of satellite imagery and cutting-edge machine learning analysis in partnership with Satelytics with the digital planning tools and Envu herbicide solutions helps restore pastures to productive forage. This powerful approach can help to reestablish native species, restore productivity to rangelands and increase forage quality. 

The Long Haul Guarantee

“We continue to receive excellent feedback from ranchers and land managers across the country about the RangeView digital rangeland tool,” said Hossfeld. "We are committed to the ongoing control of invasive brush, weeds, and grasses, which is why we will continue to uphold the Long Haul Guarantee." 

In the Western U.S., the Long Haul Guarantee is a promise to control cheatgrass and ventenata for four years. Ranchers incorporating a RangeView analysis prior to a single Rejuvra® herbicide application are promised up to four years of control, defined as 80% or greater control of downy brome/cheatgrass and ventenata. 

Monitoring and evaluation of treatment performance will occur via the RangeView platform or through on-site visits by Envu representatives. If control on the overall treatment drops below 80%, Envu will reimburse 100% of the Rejuvra herbicide cost. Reimbursement will not occur until after two germination cycles or 48 months after application.

In the Southwestern U.S., ranchers incorporating a RangeView analysis prior to a single Invora® herbicide application are promised up to five years of mesquite and huisache control. If the canopy cover for the area treated is above the pledge guarantee beginning one year after application, Envu will reimburse 100% of the Invora herbicide product, application and adjuvant costs for the area requiring retreatment.

Five years of control is defined as less than 5% canopy cover of honey mesquite and 10% canopy cover of huisache, excluding:

  • Targeted species, seedling recruitment and mechanically manipulated species.
  • Targeted species previously treated within the past three years.
  • Any brush deemed unsuitable for application due to weather or tree conditions.

Monitoring and evaluation of treatment performance may occur via the RangeView platform and/or visual inspection. Pastures can only be retreated once during the five-year period.

Ranchers can visit to learn more and enroll in RangeView.

Source: Envu & Western Ag Network