Montana Governor-Elect Gianforte Names Agriculture Transition Advisory Team

November 19, 2020

Governor-elect Greg Gianforte today named his joint-transition advisory team for the Department of Agriculture and related boards. 

The advisory team will identify and review candidates to serve as the next director of Agriculture, members of the Board of Livestock and Livestock Loss Board, and other related boards, and will forward their recommendations to Governor-elect Gianforte.

“Montana farmers and ranchers work hard to feed the world and drive our state’s number one industry. Unfortunately, they aren’t always given a fair shake. It’s time to help Montana producers capture more of the value they create, whether through increasing beef processing capacity, or preserving the Montana brand, or ensuring our ag producers have access to fair, open markets across the globe. I thank this team for its willingness to serve, and I look forward to its recommendations,” Gianforte said.

This is the sixth of many transition advisory teams the governor-elect will establish to assist in identifying exceptional candidates to serve as agency heads and members of related boards. So far, Gianforte has announced transition teams for DPHHS, DOC, and FWP and joint advisory teams for DNRC-DEQ and Commerce-Labor/Industry.

All members of the Agriculture/Livestock Transition Advisory Team serve in a voluntary capacity and are not compensated for their time.

Earlier this month, Gianforte launched, a website in which individuals may submit their credentials for consideration to serve Montana, including leading state agencies.

Members of Governor-elect Gianforte’s Agriculture/Livestock Transition Advisory Team follow:

 Dean Folkvord – founder of Wheat Montana Farms and Bakery; farmer

John Helle – rancher and co-founder of Duckworth Wool; board member for Northwest Farm Credit; past president of the Montana Wool Growers Association

Bob Quinn – founder of Montana Flour & Grains, The Oil Barn, and Big Sandy organics; organic farmer

Lola Raska – executive vice president of Montana Grain Growers Association; farmer

Lesley Robinson – rancher and former Phillips County commissioner

Nicole Rolf – director of national affairs and eastern Montana regional manager for the Montana Farm Bureau Federation; cattle rancher

Megan Shroyer – Montana president of Northwest Farm Credit Services

Jim Steinbeisser – first vice president and president-elect of the Montana Stockgrowers Association; farmer and rancher

Fred Wacker – president of the Montana Stockgrowers Association; cattle rancher

Source: Office of Montana Governor-Elect Greg Gianforte