Montana Farmers Union Supports Tester’s Continued Efforts on Right to Repair

August 21, 2020

Great Falls, MT- Montana Farmers Union is pleased to see Senator Jon Tester put the issue of right to repair front and center via a letter to FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson. The letter explained the importance of right to repair when it comes to production agriculture and urged the FTC to take action.

Walter Schweitzer is President of Montana Farmers Union and operates a ranch near Geyser, MT. Schweitzer is experiencing first-hand the effects of not being able to repair his own equipment.

“I have a tractor that has been broken down for three weeks,” said Schweitzer. “It has been in the dealer’s shop and they have yet to replicate the problem. If I could own or rent the diagnostic software I could troubleshoot my equipment in the field and avoid costly delays. I own the tractor and should have the right to repair it. We sacrificed our markets to China over an intellectual property fight and now equipment manufacturers can hold your equipment hostage with that intellectual property. I commend Senator Tester for taking action on this very important issue.”

Source: Montana Farmers Union