Montana Farm Bureau President Testifies on Skyrocketing Energy Costs 

June 24, 2022

Montana Farm Bureau President and Conrad farmer Cyndi Johnson testified to a forum titled “Skyrocketing Energy Costs Are Hurting Americans.”

The event was cohosted by Republican members of the House Committee on Natural Resources and the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Watch Cindy Johnson's entire testimony below: 

"Diesel for tractors, trucks and other farm equipment, is our primary fuel," Johnson told the committee." "In 2021, I purchased 6,000 gallons of diesel for $17,160. This year, about the time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I bought 3,000 gallons of fuel for over $10,000. My next 3,000 gallons will cost me an excess of $17,000.”

Johnson explained to the panel how the high price of fuel and inputs trickles down to consumers.

“The high cost of fuel not only impacts my ability to farm and produce safe and abundant food, but it impacts the ability of truck driver to bring that food to market. Or the manufacturer to process package and ship it to the grocery stores around the country. Americans are accustomed to low-cost food. As it should be. Because we can produce it. But that won't be the case this year and in the future simply because the fuel cost at every step have increased exponentially. High fuel costs impact food security, cost and availability.”

Source: Western Ag Network