Livestock Market: Lamb and Sheep Prices Frim Up

January 23, 2024

At the Public Auction Yards in Billings, MT, on January 22, 2024, there was a notable increase in prices compared to the previous sale on November 27, 2023.

Feeder lambs were sold 25.00-35.00 higher, while slaughter lambs saw a higher increase of 35.00-50.00. The demand for lambs was good to very good, especially for fleshy, bloomy lambs preferred by ethnic buyers. These buyers were aggressive in bidding, particularly for lambs destined for immediate harvest in California, Texas, and the East Coast.

The demand for slaughter ewes exhibited a positive trend, ranging from good to very good on the given day. Good-quality slaughter ewes commanded prices that were 15.00-20.00 higher in this sale, indicating a robust market for this category. Utility ewes also experienced an increase in prices, selling 10.00-15.00 higher.

In contrast, cull ewes were insufficiently tested to determine a clear trend. The auction featured a substantial offering of goats, and the demand for them remained predominantly good to very good. Ethnic buyers were actively involved in purchasing goats for ethnic harvest, contributing to the overall strength of the market.

In addition to sheep, there was a notable presence of goats in the auction. The demand for goats remained strong, with ethnic buyers also showing interest in acquiring goats for ethnic harvest. Slaughter kids fetched prices mostly 30.00-60.00 higher than the last sale, indicating a positive market trend. The demand for feeding goats remained robust, with feeding kids, particularly thin or lightweight ones, selling mostly 60.00-70.00 higher than the previous sale.

The goat quality for the week was reported as mostly average to very attractive, and many goats were offered in moderate size packages. Overall, the auction showcased a thriving market with increased prices and strong demand across various categories of lambs and goats.

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Source: Western Ag Network