Haylie Shipp Joins Western Ag Network Farm Broadcast Team 

January 3, 2022

The Western Ag Network is excited to announce the return of Haylie Shipp to farm broadcasting as the newest member of its award-winning team.

Born and raised in what Wall Street Journal dubbed the official “Middle of Nowhere” in 2018, Haylie Shipp’s passion for bringing fresh light to all things remote and rural has catapulted her into a diverse career padded with healthy doses of volunteerism and small-town pride.

“I'm passionate about serving our region's agricultural producers and their communities which are the cornerstones of Rural America,” said Shipp. “I’m also excited to be teamed up again with Russell Nemetz and Lane Nordlund doing exactly that as part of the Western Ag Network farm broadcast team.”

Haylie received her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Montana State University-Billings in 2008. She attended school while simultaneously starting her career with the Northern Ag Network. In 2010, she was humbled to receive the Horizon Award from the National Association of Farm Broadcasting. The honor is bestowed annually to a farm broadcaster with fewer than five years of experience who shows promise in the industry.  

After nearly a decade of service to multi-state farm broadcasting, her rural roots and family ranch charmed her home to Glasgow, Montana in 2014. The microphone wouldn’t rest long. She immediately took a job at her local radio station, KLTZ/Mix-93. Today, she provides constant content including a daily barter program and hour-long talk show whilst serving as both the Assistant and Sales Manager. 

In an effort to infuse energy into her community, Haylie opened a small, boutique-style store in 2016. Shippwrecked has been serving up a healthy dose of farmhouse and bohemian décor, clothing, and accessories ever since. An uplifting asset for Glasgow, it’s also helped to rehabilitate a 120-year-old building that had found itself in need of much repair. 

At the center of it all remains her stronghold in the family ranch. Haylie handles the accounting while her father, Cal, continues to actively manage the daily operations. Together they are working through a succession plan to continue the family’s legacy in Northeast Montana.

Source: Western Ag Network