Forced Wolf Introduction (Prop. 114) Passed by Colorado Voters

November 6, 2020

The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) stands firm in our belief that forced introduction of wolves into Colorado is bad policy and should not have been decided by the voters. While the election did not turn out as we had hoped, results demonstrate that nearly half of Coloradans agree with us.

“While very disheartened with the passage of Proposition 114 and also fearful of what implications forced wolf introduction will have on Colorado, CCA remains committed to ensuring real science, and actual Coloradans, make decisions associated with our state's wildlife. While voters spoke by passing Proposition 114, we still believe that Coloradans want responsible wildlife management, not unbridled wolf introduction, at all costs. CCA will recommit to this as efforts begin to unfold to implement Proposition 114.” said Janie VanWinkle, CCA’s President.

When voters were presented with verifiable information—like Colorado Parks and Wildlife rejected wolf introduction four separate times—their support quickly eroded with only 50.3% of votes currently supporting the measure. The concerns of Colorado voters must be addressed through the implementation of Proposition 114:

  • Protect Colorado’s cherished wildlife, natural habitats and cultural heritage;
  • Prepare Colorado for the realities of introducing a new apex predator;
  • Ensure all parties who will directly be impacted have a seat at the table
  • Uphold the rights of livestock producers to defend their livelihoods; and
  • Guarantee comprehensive wolf management efforts.

Source: Colorado Cattlemen's Association