Farmers Asked to Participate in National Sunflower Survey

September 22, 2021

North Dakota State University (NDSU) Extension specialists and agriculture and natural resources (ANR) county agents are in the process of conducting the National Sunflower Production Survey funded by the National Sunflower Association (NSA)..

"The National Sunflower Association survey measures yield components and factors that limit yield such as disease, insects, weeds and management issues," said Ryan Buetow, NDSU Extension cropping systems specialist based out of the Dickinson Research Extension Center. "It is conducted bi-annually in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Manitoba, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and Texas."

According to NDSU Extension plant pathologist Dr. Sam Markell, "This survey is important for the industry. It's important for the people that work on sunflower research and education like myself, and it's important for the National Sunflower Association, and how they look at the crop and determination of research and outreach priorities."

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Source: USAgNet