Emergency Grazing of CRP Open in Most North Dakota Counties

June 11, 2021

Emergency grazing of Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres is open in most North Dakota counties. CRP participants in counties that are in a D3 or D4 drought status, or a D2 drought status of 8 weeks or greater, may request to perform emergency grazing during the primary nesting season.

"With the severe drought in North Dakota, grazing options are desperately needed," Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said. "Having emergency grazing available for our livestock producers provides some relief."

CRP participants must submit a written request to conduct emergency grazing, are limited to 50% carrying capacity on acreage grazed and are not to exceed 90 consecutive days. All conservation practices are eligible.

Producers should check with their county Farm Service Agency (FSA) office to ensure their acres are eligible and contract provisions are followed.

Ineligible counties currently include Barnes, Cass, Ransom, Richland, Sargent, Steele and Traill as they have only been in D2 status for seven weeks. CRP participants in those counties should watch the drought monitor at https://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/CurrentMap/StateDroughtMonitor.aspx?ND and check with FSA about future eligibility.

Goehring also reminds ranchers affected by the drought to check the department's hay hotline and map.

"Ranchers who need hay; those with hay to sell or with pasture or hayland to rent; or those with CRP to graze should call our hay hotline at 701-425-8454," Goehring said. "We are also appealing to individuals who are available to move hay to contact the hotline."

The interactive map is available at www.nd.gov/ndda. Users may click on the icons to retrieve information about available hay, pasture, hayland and CRP in their area.

Source: USAgNet