Delta Air Lines Readies Refinery to Process Biofuels

September 26, 2022

Delta Air Lines is taking steps to using biofuel to power its aircraft. Currently, the U.S Renewable Fuel Standard requires U.S. refiners to add increasing amounts of biofuels into the nation's fuel supplies each year.

Delta bought a Pennsylvania oil refinery 10 years ago, in a bid to reduce its fuel costs. This was the first refinery to be purchased by an airline.

Plans call for the refinery to begin using agricultural products such as soybean oil, which can be processed into a biomass-based diesel fuel that satisfies federal blending requirements.

Delta's refinery, Monroe Energy, has recently been evaluating the role that producing sustainable aviation fuel and other renewable fuels could play in the company's move to using sustainable aircraft fuels.

Monroe is now refurbishing two large tanks. The refinery can produce 185,000 barrels-per-day at its Pennsylvania refinery. It is believed that the new tanks will be used to blend biofuels.

Industry observers have noted that Monroe could save hundreds of millions of dollars per year in reduced federal payments if it moved towards manufacturing biofuels.

Source: USAgNet