Columbia Grain Launches 'Producer Solutions' Marketing Platform

July 25, 2022

To help producers gain the competitive advantage in today’s marketplace, Columbia Grain International (CGI) is excited to announce Producer Solutions which offers up-to-date targeted marketing insights and education. Phil Symons is CGI's Director of Customer Risk Management and says the platform was built to help producers increase their potential rate of return on their production.

"We really developed Producer Solutions to help enhance the growers marketing alternatives and provide a stream of information that will also enhance the growers predictive intelligence in a highly volatile marketplace," said Symons.

Brandon Rehder is  Manager of CGI's South Camas Prairie facility in Grangeville, Idaho and shares some of the tools strategically selected to help give producers a market advantage.

"Some examples of recently launched items include weekly market recap videos, bi-monthly newsletters, recaps of the monthly USDA statistics, enhanced social media presence to go along with our regional market recap emails and SMS bids," said Rehder. "So, a lot of cool stuff coming down the pipeline."

Symons says this year’s market volatility is a great example of how Producer Solutions can help growers.

"The Producers Solutions platform will offer contracting alternatives, really ranging from your traditional cash contracts, all the way to a variety of structured accumulator contracts and everything in between," said Symons. "Really, we've seen this year, especially just like any other year, that every grower has a different cost of production. And building a marketing plan around your operational expense is the essential building block to any marketing plan, which really helps you pull the trigger when the opportunity arises."

For more information about the new CGI Producer Solutions marketing platform, visit click here and see for yourself the tools available to help build a marketing program specific for your operation.

Source: Western Ag Network