Bringing Education Straight to the Ranch

May 13, 2021

The seven most expensive words in the cattle business are: “We have always done it that way.”

What started as a desire for more community and education with peers in the agriculture industry, quickly grew into a passion to take action for Karoline Rose, owner of KRose Company. Rose understands how hard it is to leave the ranch for educational opportunities–therefore Cattleman U was born.

“Cattleman U is an educational platform and community for the next generation of producers or people who want to raise livestock or crops in the near future. So many of this generation are working their operation full time and aren’t able to get away for conferences. There is a need for education that is easily accessible on an as-you-get-to-it basis,” Rose says. “It is also a platform for current producers to learn new strategies anywhere they are, and hopefully trim their budget.”

Cattleman U became the newest online platform designed specifically for the next generation in agriculture. The online membership allows members to access expert advice and pre-recorded trainings presented by well-known speakers from respected organizations. It also has a free classifieds page where members can post items for sale or advertise their business. Members receive access to industry discounts for bulls, semen, ear tags, vaccines, and more. One of the biggest advantages Cattleman U offers is a community where members can network and access resources.

“There are a lot of questions that go unasked because a next generation producer might be embarrassed to ask or not know who to turn to for an honest and straightforward answer. We need to be in community with other producers and growers to build a network while we learn and discuss alternative solutions and ways of doing things that might not be just like grandpa did them,” Rose says. “Cattleman U is for agriculturists who can't find time to leave the ranch, but want to up level the industry by learning

Cattleman U consists of monthly sessions on topics such as forage and pasture management, ag policy and business development, seedstock and commercial marketing techniques, farm to table and consumer marketing, and nutrition, genetics, and breeding. Each session is packed with information, real life examples and expert advice from cattlemen who have been there before, and tried many different techniques. There are plenty of flexible options for everyone wanting to sign up for Cattleman U, with 6-month and yearly membership options. The waitlist for the program has already opened and will close on May 31st. Members who sign up on the waitlist will receive first access to an in-person event. Enrollment will be available to the general public on June 1st through June 6th. Learn more and join the waitlist at 

Source: KROSE