Beef Quality Assurance Program Sets Montana Producers Apart

January 17, 2024

For Montana Hereford producers Carl and Denise Loyning, education on producing high-quality beef and breeding stock is a valuable tool and asset to an agricultural operation. The Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program is one of these tools for education that has evolved to provide content on management, handling, records, health, and transportation. 

“BQA lets us set our herd up for success,” says Denise Loyning. “We’ve really found that it’s a great tool for us combined with everything else that we do here. Between everything that we do, we want to set the animals up for success, whether it’s the bulls going to their new homes in the spring, the feeder cattle going to Kansas, or the replacement females that stay in the herd.” 

Curt Pate, a BQA-certified instructor, says, “BQA is just a modern word for a ‘good stockman.’ It’s just the whole impact of being a good beef producer, and that’s what BQA is. It started out very simple, and now it’s become very complicated, but very good.”

Producers interested in becoming BQA certified or exploring what resources are available to them are encouraged to visit:

Source: Western Ag Network