Wool Producers Reminded of 40-Cent Wool LDP Currently Available

May 17, 2021

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Marketing Assistance Loan and Loan Deficiency Payment programs could provide welcome assistance for wool producers.

Now is a good time for those who haven’t already to sign up with their local Farm Service Agency office for these programs. A grower must maintain “beneficial interest” before selling, however, once a grower signs up and provides evidence or estimate of wool production, the grower may choose a day to sell his or her wool at an advantageous time.

Currently, the ungraded LDP program – which was used by most producers in 2020 – offers a 40-cent LDP (per pound grease). This has been the going rate for most of 2021. This week, graded wools between 23.6 and 25.9 micron are also eligible for a 35-cent (per pound clean) LDP. Current rates are posted on the American Sheep Industry Association website each Tuesday afternoon.

Producers with questions about the Wool LDP Program can contact their local FSA office.

 Click Here for more details and current rates.

Source: American Sheep Industry Association