U.S. Wheat Associates Launches 'Stories Of Stewardship' Video Series 

January 19, 2024

The time and effort U.S. farmers put into caring for the land makes for a story that is not shared often enough. A new video series produced by U.S. Wheat Associates (USW) aims to change that for overseas wheat buyers by focusing on how producers help feed the world while also acting as stewards of soil, water, and the environment.

USW’s “Stories of Stewardship” project goes straight to the source. Five wheat farmers in five different states appear on camera, from their farms, to talk about their work to assure economic security for the next generation of farmers by leaving their land in better shape than it was when they started farming it.

A preview of the new, six-episode series can be viewed here. USW debuted the series on Jan. 10, 2024, with a Facebook Live event at www.facebook.com/uswheat/.

Sustainable Production Across the U.S.

Episode 1 of Stories of Stewardship focuses on the variety of sustainable practices applied by the five farm families producing different classes of wheat across the wide range of growing conditions in the United States.

Five episodes will follow in January and February covering individual Stories of Stewardship from family farmers Tom Cannon, Blackwell, Okla., Ben and Stephanie Bowsher, Waynesfield, Ohio, Nick Jorgensen, Ideal, S.D., Art Schultheis, Colton, Wash., and Aaron Kjelland, Park River, N.D.

A Food Ingredient Produced Sustainably

“Consumers around the world want to know how their food is grown and U.S. wheat is definitely a food ingredient,” said USW Vice President of Communications Steve Mercer. “Here at home, we know U.S. farmers work every day to nourish and improve the land and produce a sustainable source of high-quality wheat. The purpose of the Stories of Stewardship series is to share this information with international buyers, millers, wheat food processors, and consumers who value the quality and reliability of U.S. wheat.”

In addition to the USW Facebook page, the Stories of Stewardship series can be seen on the USW websiteVimeoX, and LinkedIn.

Source: U.S. Wheat Associates