Take Advantage of Market Highs with Columbia Grain Producer Solutions 

August 25, 2023

As the winter wheat harvest draws to a close and spring wheat harvest rolls on, Phil Symons, Columbia Grain's Director of Risk Management says there's good reason why grain markets continue to be very volatile this summer.

"The grain markets continue to be all over the place," said Symons. "We have just seen some historical price movements over the last year and a half to two years now, really given the continued war with Russia and Ukraine. Marketing grain is absolutely an emotional part of farming, and that's under normal market conditions. Then you throw in the massive price volatility that we're currently seeing on a daily basis, and it makes pulling the trigger on your grain sales even more difficult."

He says with Colombia Grain Producer Solutions, they’re goal is to help reduce some of the emotion when it comes to marketing grain.

"You can never take all of the emotion out of marketing your grain, but with the marketing tools we offer, we can help reduce some of that emotion," said Symons. "And actually we had a handful of our no barrier accumulator contracts priced out yesterday. The average price that we saw on all of our winter wheat contracts against the September futures, averaged $3 more than where the September futures closed at yesterday. Think about that. That's just an amazing feat that we've been able to do with the growers. But not only that, but we actually had one of our winter wheat contracts that actually priced higher than the life of the Kansas September futures high. So, it was just amazing and just fantastic for the producers."

He says the feedback from farmers has been nothing but positive.

"Absolutely," said Symons. "They're definitely happy just to have a different mix, you know, in terms of what they can they can have for from a marketing standpoint, you know, and again, it's just the market will definitely dictate which tools we should be using in the different environments that we have. So the growers are actually very happy, you know, with just the different tools that we're able to offer out to them."

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Source: Western Ag Network