Steinbeisser Elected to National Leadership Role 

February 6, 2024 - 

A new leader emerged on the national scene to represent cattle producers across the Northern Plains and Pacific Northwest. During CattleCon 2024, Jim Steinbeisser of Sindey, Montana was elected by his peers to serve as the Region 5 Vice President on the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association board of directors. 

Steinbeisser is the immediate past president of the Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA). Together with his two brothers and two cousins, own and operate VS Inc., a diversified agricultural business that cultivates various cash crops, produces feed, and raise cow/calf pairs. 

WATCH the entire interview with Jim Steinbeisser and Western Ag Network's Lane Nordlund. 

When asked what drives him to be a volunteer leader, Steinbeisser said it was instilled in him from a young age.

“Actually, it comes from my dad,” Steinbeisser said reflecting on his late father Don Steinbeisser Sr. “He had that passion. I still do. We just grew up that way, with a desire to serve the industry that we love. So, it's in my blood, you might say.”

Western Ag Networks Lane Nordlund asked why he wanted to keep his hat in the leadership arena after nearly a decade of leadership roles with the MSGA.

“I've worked with all these issues, or many of these issues, through the last several years,” Jim stated. “With that experience and background, why not just keep going? And of course, as you step into this position, there's a lot of issues that are impacting ranchers, federal lands issues, profitability, always a top concern.”

Steinbeisser shared a few goals he would like to accomplish as the regional leader. 

“Continuing to be a voice not only for Montana producers but all the Western states that make up Region 5,” he said. “All those issues like endangered species. The federal government acquiring more and more private property I find very troubling. We (the livestock industry) are good at going on defense. NCBA has shown they know how to do offense. And I want to encourage more of that offense. It's way more fun and way more impactful.”

To play offense, Steinbeisser said he looks forward to listening to the concerns of cattlemen in the region. Then working to find solutions to those issues.

“In our Region 5 caucus we just came out of some of the ideas that are coming from these various affiliates in our region is just incredible,” Jim said. “There are people problem solving and working out our problems. One of those is there's not a lot of us.”

Steinbeisser said that most of the population is trying to dictate how cattle producers operate. With fewer ranchers in the countryside the industry must work together.

“We need to get together, be united, listen to each other and solve these problems.”

Steinbeisser and his wife, May Ann, have three teenage children: Corbin, Liam, and Claire.

Source: Western Ag Network