Spud-tacular: Unearthing Innovation at Potato Expo 2024

January 15, 2024

Potato Expo 2024 concluded this past weekend in Austin, TX. Potato Expo is a focal point where the potato community converges to reconnect, collaborate, and propel the industry forward.

Hosted by the National Potato Council, the event is the largest conference and trade show dedicated to potatoes, this event has historically been the epicenter where growers, suppliers, and industry experts gather to foster connections, spur growth, and share innovative ideas.

Bob Mattive is a potato farmer from Monte Vista, Colorado and serves as First Vice President of the National Potato Council. He said the gathering brings together potato partners from across the globe. 

“There are many different exhibitors here bringing all kinds of new things to the industry available to growers, shippers and packers,” Mattive said. “It's a great opportunity to come and see what's out there in the marketplace. It's a good opportunity to get together, learn from other growers, see what's going on, find out what's happening within their industry on a broad scale, not just around your own growing area. It's a great time to get everybody together and rekindle those relationships and just see what's out there.”

This year's expo was the largest on record. With over 2,320 attendees and 216 exhibitors. The variety of educational sessions and exhibitor innovations is what brings attendees back each year. 

For Montana farmer Tim Venhuizen with Spring Creek Farms, input costs, labor and efficiency are top of mind. Attending Potato Expo gives him an opportunity to network with every aspect of the potato business.

“Visiting with vendors, seeing where maybe their pricing is going, what the pricing of our product is,” said Venhuizen.  “A unique thing in our world in the state of Montana is we're not part of the commodity market. So, there's a lot of negotiations in our price structures and the importance of that relationship is key. Business is built on relationships and that's what we get to experience here at Potato Expo.”

Potato Expo 2025 will be held in Las Vegas, NV January 14-15, 2025. 

Source: Western Ag Network