Reimann wins NWSS steer show, trophy honoring his late father

DENVER, January 17, 2024 — The Nick Reimann Memorial trophy is awarded to the exhibitor of the grand champion market steer at the National Western, the Super Bowl of livestock shows. Awarded in honor of Reimann, a South Dakota cattleman who was killed in an airplane crash in 2014, the trophy is presented by Reimann's parents, widow, Kyrsten, and two children. This year, the family awarded the trophy to Reimann's son, Croix, after he won the top honor. 

Before selecting the champions, judge Dustin Frank of Chappell, Nebraska, took a moment to share an update to a story we reported last year. Then 12-year-old Kayden Halls of Bayfield, Colorado, was granted a Make a Wish and was invited to give the champion slap, selecting the champion steer at the 2023 NWSS alongside Frank, Kirk Steirwalt, and Shane Meier. The time honored champion slap was delivered to the steer shown by Justin Pfannebecker of LaSalle, Colorado. Frank said Halls, whose health is much improved, returned to LaPlata County, Colorado, joined the livestock judging team, and earned high individual honors at the Arizona National Livestock Show's judging contest.

This year's market steer show was judged by Frank, Steirwalt, and Glen Martin. The junior market livestock sale will be Friday, Jan. 19. World champion auctioneer John Korrey of Illiff, Colorado, will try to top last year's record $200,000 champion steer price.

The National Western Stock Show in Denver runs through January 21. 

Source: Western Ag Network