Rancher's Relief Range Roping to Help Sarpy Fire Victims

October 16, 2020

Ranchers are a resilient breed of people. They'll give you the shirt off their back, but struggle to ask for help for themselves when they need it most.

In early September, the Sarpy Fire erupted and burned over 52,000 acres. In it's path of destruction, it burned valuable grassland, winter feed, cattle and wildlife. The first day alone it traveled 15 miles in just 5 hours. Thankfully, while threatened, no homes were lost.

Now, with one eye on the horizon for smoke, these ranchers are picking up and putting back together the pieces of their family operations. They need hay. They need pasture. They need fencing supplies. They need our help!

So catch your horses, load your family and meet us at the Double L Arena near Billings for the Rancher's Relief Range Roping. Enter up to 4 times and we'll award some awesome prizes donated by some amazing people. Best of all, we're going to raise a lot of cash to help out some deserving folks.

Ranchers are a resilient breed...We help our own-even when they don't ask. 

Source: Rancher's Relief Range Roping & Western Ag Network