Radio Host Shaun Haney Kicks Off Montana Grain Growers Association Convention

November 29, 2022

One of Montana's largest agriculture conventions is underway in Great Falls. It's the Montana Grain Growers Association Annual Convention this year also featuring the Northern Pulse Growers Association and PNW Canola Association. 

Helping to kick things off this year was Shaun Haney with Real Agriculture and the host of Real Ag Radio from Lethbridge, AB who actually attended his first MGGA convention several years ago by accident.

"We do all of our shopping in Great Falls and do Black Friday and things like that," said Haney. "But, I think we were in town for a a hockey game when the kids were younger and were staying at this same hotel. I was like, what's going on? Hey, I have my recorder with me and might as well cover the event. So it's great to be back."

Russell Nemetz interviewed Shaun Haney during the Montana Grain Growers Association Annual Convention in Great Falls, Mont. Western Ag Network's convention coverage sponsored by Nutrien Ag Solutions.

He explains the issues that are impacting Canadian farmers and ranchers are some of the same issues that U.S. farmers and ranchers are facing.

"I think some of the issues are all the same," said Haney. "It's interest rates, it's commodity prices and input prices. Whether that's fertilizer, diesel and a like how does the war in Ukraine impact the market going forward? What happens to some of these prices as we head into 2023? Is this kind of a seasonal lift that we're going to see where prices will be higher? Or is this kind of the beginning of more of a slower trend downward farmers trying to manage that margin, whether they're in western Canada, eastern Canada or anywhere in the US? It's really about managing the margin, I think in 2023 and buying those inputs correctly and trying to manage the sale of the crop based on what the production is going to be."

He also answered a fun question by the Western Ag Network's Russell Nemetz about when his listeners can expect to hear an interview with King Charles.

"I don't know if that's going to happen any any time soon (laughing)" said Haney. "It would be interesting after watching the Crown. I've got a lot of questions, though."

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Source: Western Ag Network