Panhandle Fires: Relief Efforts and Challenges Ahead

March 5, 2024

Wildfires continue to rip across the Panhandle region of Texas and Oklahoma this week. Two people have tragically lost their lives. Images of homes destroyed, blackened earth, downed powerlines and fence lines and wandering livestock seen for miles.

YOU can help famers and ranchers rebuild from the ashes. 

Special Ranger Jay Foster with the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) told Western Ag Network that efforts are underway to assist ranchers, gather and return livestock and help families rebuild their lives. 

Watch or listen to conversation with Ranger Jay Foster and Lane Nordlund on the LaneCast Ag Podcast 

Texas A&M AgriLife photo by Sam Craft

With so much loss, more is expected in the coming days in terms of the number cattle and other animals lost to fire.

“Cattle wise, we don't know the numbers yet,” said Foster. “It's just too early to tell. And with the fire, first thing we have to do is get the fire under control to get the ranchers back on their property and to let them kind of see the devastation. We are well over a million acres and growing in the fire.”

TSCRA and the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service are working to provide relief for those impacted by the fires.


Texas A&M AgriLife photo by Sam Craft

Sadly, during times of disaster scammers try and take advantage of the goodwill of those donating funds or supplies to those in need. That is why it’s important to make your donations through verified channels.

“That's reason we're encouraging people to go through our (TSCRA) website,” said Foster. “As far as the donation centers for supplies, Texas Agrilife will work to make sure it goes where it needs to go to.”

Hay and supplemental feed are needed to get ranchers and their herds through the recovery.

“They're doing weather projections to make sure where they store the feed is not going to be in the path of the fire if it was to change direction,” explained Ranger Foster. “They're doing some wind indicators and different things to try to keep the donations safe. Then we want to have an account of it, know where it came from and where it's going.


Click here to make a monetary donation to Texas and Oklahoma ranchers impacted by wildfire organized by the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. 


Texas AgriLife Extension Service, in collaboration with Extension county agents and the Disaster Assessment & Recovery Unit (DAR), is actively engaged in assisting Texas Panhandle residents affected by the wildfires that began on February 26, 2024.

Efforts to provide wildfire relief in the Texas Panhandle are being orchestrated through a collaboration of local and state resources. The agency is committed to consistently updating the list of local agricultural resources and contacts provided below. Click here for more. 

For general questions about AGRICULTURE needs and supply deliveries, please call 806.354.5800 from 8a-5p.

Supplies Needed

Thank you to those who are willing and able to donate the following items:

·       Hay

·       Feed

·       Fence Supplies

·       Cow Feed

·       Wildlife Feed (added item)

Source: Western Ag Network, Photos Texas A&M AgriLife photo by Sam Craft