New National Television Ad 'Exposes the Realities' of Lab-Grown Meat 

December 15, 2023

The Center for the Environment and Welfare (CEW) announced the launch of a new television commercial on Dec. 12 to educate the public about the technology behind lab-grown meat, which was recently approved for sale in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

The ad is running nationally on Fox News Channel and is the latest in a sustained, six-figure effort to address consumer concerns surrounding this experimental product, CEW said in a release. 

“The lab-grown meat sector will continue to face skepticism as consumers learn more about the chemicals, growth factors and ‘immortalized cells’ used in manufacturing," CEW Executive Director Jack Hubbard said in a release. "Our campaign aims to help the public learn the truth behind this experimental product, how it’s made, and the lack of long-term nutritional and health studies.” 

Additional elements of CEW’s lab-grown meat campaign include a website, an animated explainer video that addresses how lab-grown meat is manufactured and paid digital ads on X, Facebook and TikTok. 

Source: Drovers