Mary had a Little Lamb Day Teaching Youth Importance of Agriculture

April 11, 2024

Educating our young people about where their food and fiber comes from is more important than ever. That's why Mary Jenni says the Montana Farmers Union was pleased to help sponsor the recent Mary had a Little Lamb Day at the E.L. Peterson Ranch near Judith Gap, Mont.

"Letting the youth know about agriculture and where their food comes from is incredibly important. I think it is a vital role in our future for agriculture," said Jenni.

She says the event continues to grow, which is exciting to see.

"Mary had a Little Lamb Day came to be as a customer appreciation for Montana lamb and beef," said Jenni. "Then last year, since I was an employee of Montana Farmers Union, we decided to expand Mary Had a Little Lamb to a Farmers Union event and make it an educational opportunity for families and kids in the whole Montana region to be able to come to the ranch and have a hands on experience with our lambs and get a feel for a ranch experience. The even also provides a great venue where they also learn where their food comes from."

To learn more about all the opportunities available for youth with the Montana Farmers Union, click here.

Source: Western Ag Network