Leading the Herd: Mark Eisle

January 31, 2024

Cattle Con 2024 is underway in Orlando, FL. Cattlemen and women will work this week to create, amend and debate important items to the cattle business to create the grassroots policy book for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

At the conclusion of this year's event, Cheyenne, Wyoming rancher Mark Eisle will assume the role as president of NCBA. Eisle said it’s a privilege to serve the industry that has given him so much.

“It's humbling and there is a weight on the shoulders to help producers,” said Eisle. “I know because I was one of those producers who needed help. And between my local, my state and the national organization, they pulled us through, made us better for it. I need to pay that debt forward to best serve the industry.”

Eisle said that he looks forward to being on the road talking face to face with cattle producers in the year ahead.

“To find out what their problems are,” said Eisle. “Find out what they need for solutions, what they need help with. See if they've come up with some solutions. Maybe there's something we can wrangle up and help others do that.”

He noted that are several challenges that will face the cattle business in the year ahead.

“Obviously, there's several things out there.,” Eisle stated. “You know, sometimes it'd be easier if people asked me what we weren't working on. As to what we are working on there's several things. Obviously, we're concerned with taxes. The tax laws change over the next year or so. Producers had better be ready for that. The Death Tax level will be considerably different. We want to make sure we don't lose some of the depreciation and ability to write off those expenses. That expensing is a huge issue for our producers and it's good for the economy if we can keep those things moving for.”

The push for a Farm Bill in 2024 is also a top priority as well.

“Obviously the Farm Bill there's a multitude of things,” stated Eisle. “We've got all the risk protection. We've got disaster relief. Those things are built in. We want to make sure we keep a livestock title in the GIPSA rule out because it's nonproductive. It is duplicative of government agencies.”

Other issues NCBA advocates for in Washington include Endangered Species Act reform, opposition to the BLM Conservation rule, Electronic Logging Device issues, traceability, Product of the USA labeling and more.

“NCBA is absolutely the best voice in D.C.,” said Eisle. “We're credible. We're relied upon. We provide numbers and science. We try to stay away from the emotional side of those issues, and then we work with the agencies. We have a voice in those agencies. So, this is all grassroots. This is all driven from the bottom up. Producers have a say in our policies. Our job is to carry those policies forward. And make them useful for our people so that our voice in Washington, and there is strength in numbers, which is why membership is important, why membership should go forward and try to grow, is because it avails those opportunities to our producers.”

Cattle Con 2024 concludes on Friday, February 2, 2024.

Source: Western Ag Network