It's Time to Celebrate National Bison Day

November 7, 2020

It's National Bison Day and today offers everyone an opportunity to rally around a symbol of national unity, as National Bison Day celebrates the cultural, historical and economic significance of our National Mammal, according to Dave Carter, executive Director of the National Bison Association.

The U.S. Senate this year once again designated the first Saturday in November as National Bison Day and encouraged citizens everywhere to engage in bison-centered activities throughout the weekend.

“Bison represent the greatest market-based conservation success story in the history of North America,” Carter explained. “Little more than a century ago, herds that once numbered tens of millions were reduced to an estimated 700 bison left alive. Dedicated efforts by ranchers, conservationists and tribal leaders have successfully restored nearly half a million bison to the range lands and prairies of the United States and Canada. National Bison Day helps us celebrate that success, and to continue to grow the herds on private, public and tribal lands.”

He noted that many public herds and private ranches are hosting special tours and activities this weekend to help inform the public of the vital role that bison are playing in restoring healthy grassland ecosystems. People can utilize the free BuySome Bison app to find nearby ranches that may be offering activities this weekend.

Carter noted that celebrating Bison Day can be as simple as enjoying a deliciously healthy bison burger.

“Demand for bison meat in the marketplace is providing the economic incentives for ranchers to build their herds,” Carter said. “That’s why we’ve launched Partner in Bison Restoration,® a new program to educate the public on how eating bison helps restore bison.”

He added that National Bison Day comes at a particularly appropriate time.

“We’ve been through a bruising political season. The Democrats may have the donkey, and the Republicans may have the elephant, but we all have the bison. This magnificent animal belongs to every American as our National Mammal.”

Source: National Bison Association