Higher Bred Cow Prices

February 8, 2024

The Public Auction Yards in Billings, MT hosted their Annual Blue Ribbon II Sale, drawing a large crowd of buyers eager to acquire cows. The demand for cows was robust, with buyers both present at the event and participating online. Many local ranchers attended, looking to restock their herds, resulting in numerous sets of cows remaining within the state.

Watch the report below:

The sale featured over 2,500 head of bred cows and heifers, with quality ranging from average to very attractive. Prices for cows saw a significant increase compared to the previous Blue Ribbon sale in December, with most offerings selling $400-700 per head higher. Similarly, demand for heifers was strong, with most bred heifers selling for $300.00-400.00 per head higher than in December. Market activity remained active throughout the sale, reflecting the ongoing demand for replacement cattle. The supply consisted entirely of replacement cattle, with 67% being bred cows and 33% bred heifers. The sale's timing corresponded to the third trimester, extending from the current period until mid-May, with the subsequent trimesters defined accordingly.

Source: Western Ag Network, USDA NASS