Harvesting Prosperity: Navigating Succession Planning in Agriculture

December 18, 2023

The latest LaneCast Ag podcast delves into the complex and sensitive issues of estate and succession planning in agriculture. Brought to you by Bank of the Rockies, the conversation focuses on everything from the financial intricacies on taxes, lending, and strategic timing, while also examining the optimal moments for ownership transfer from a tax perspective. 

Experts include Dr. Gary Brester, Professor Emeritus at Montana State University Ag Economics and Economics, who contributes valuable perspectives drawn from years of research in agricultural economics. Grant Gattis, CPA with Pinion, a seasoned consultant specializing in agriculture, manufacturing, and real estate industries, brings his expertise to the table. As a senior manager on the Next Generation team, he shares his insights on long-term planning.

Gain valuable insights that will empower agricultural businesses to navigate succession planning successfully. This podcast aims to equip listeners with the knowledge and strategies needed to cultivate a prosperous and sustainable future for their agricultural enterprises.

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Source: LaneCast Ag Podcast, Western Ag Network