H-E-B Partnership Promotes American Lamb Benefits and Drives Sales

July 31, 2020

While summer grilling is top of mind for consumers, the American Lamb Board partnered with the nation’s No. 1 consumer ranked grocery store, H-E-B to promote the benefits of American Lamb through the H-E-B Health & Wellness program. As one of the nation’s most robust retail health and wellness programs, this effort provides important visibility for American Lamb in Texas and sets the stage for potential future retail collaborations.

With more than 350 locations throughout Texas, H-E-B is a major player in the grocery industry. Its registered dietitians are very active in working with physicians, communities and consumers. The first step of the partnership was engaging and educating more than 70 H-E-B registered dietitians about the benefits of American Lamb to support their nutrition education efforts. 

In June, more than 1,000 H-E-B customers received an American Lamb recipe book sent directly to their homes. At the same time, H-E-B dietitians received a coupon for lamb along with other ALB information and materials, and they participated in an ALB-led educational webinar, which featured fifth-generation shepherd Ryan Mahoney of R. Emigh Livestock. 

Then, in July, H-E-B stores began an in-store promotion of American Lamb! H-E-B dietitians are including American Lamb on their “Pick Lists,” which feature selected products and a coupon offering $2 off assorted American Lamb cuts. This generated more than 7,600 coupon redemptions in just the first 7 days of July. As of July 29, more than 14,300 coupons have been redeemed. The promotion is ongoing, and at the conclusion of the program, ALB will receive data on the promotion’s success.

As H-E-B dietitians learn about American Lamb, how to cook it and how it can help their clients and H-E-B shoppers, we are expanding the network of health professionals with a strong understanding of the nutritional benefits of lamb.

Source: ALB