Good Agronomy Skills During Growing Season Can Help Farmers Achieve Maximum ROI At Harvest

January 4, 2024

As we kick off a new year, it won’t be too long and farmers will be back in the field for another planting season. Stephanie Zelinko, National Agronomist for AgroLiquid says fertilizer is a big investment that’s too important to risk. That’s why soil testing is so important.

"Soil testing is going to be that backbone of a fertility recommendation," said Zelinko. "It's going to give us a good baseline of what our soil has or what it may not have, and allow us to kind of pinpoint those problem areas or the areas that we should be focusing those fertilizer dollars."

She says good agronomy skills can help bridge the economics of high-priced inputs and ensure a return on investment. 

"Exactly," said Zelinko. "Fertilizer is not cheap, and soil testing itself isn't cheap, but it gives you an opportunity to again, take a look at those specific nutrients and reallocate dollars where you're going to get that best return on investment. And we do a lot of research to kind of help make those decisions easier for growers."

For over 40 years, AgroLiquid has compiled data to develop win-rates to determine the likelihood of achieving a positive response from a fertility program. 

"We celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2023," said Zelinko. "Our kind of promise is to help prosper that growers farming operation. We do that by training our sales team and our agronomy team to go out and read those soil tests. There's lots of complicated numbers and they know that agronomic side. We just want to help those growers be successful in their operation. And in turn, that will help us be successful."

She says they really do have a complete portfolio of products to help both cereal grain and row crop farmers achieve maximum success during the growing season. 

"We have a complete line of crop nutrition," said Zelinko. "A lot of people focus on NPK, but we have those micros and secondary nutrients that are just important. Great application flexibility where we can go out as a top dress on those small grains. We can go as planter fertilizers on a corn crop. So, flexibility through irrigation so we can fit pretty much any cropping system you have."

For more information about AgroLiquid’s crop nutrition that’s precise to the last drop, contact your local representative or visit them online by clicking here.

Source: Western Ag Network