Farm Bureau Challenges Members To Conquer New Frontiers During Annual Convention in Utah

January 22, 2024

The American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention is underway in Salt Lake City, Utah. Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall says this year’s theme-New Frontiers-celebrates the innovative spirit across agriculture as farmers and ranchers look to the future together.

"You truly can feel that frontier spirit out here in the West," said Duvall. "I can just imagine the pioneers watching the sunset over those mountains out there, wondering what might be on the other side. Now, I'm sure that they had doubts and fears along the way. But they worked together and persevered and they made it. As farmers, I believe we have a little bit of that pioneer spirit in us too. We're eager to see what's next and how we get there together."

Montana Farm Bureau President Cyndi Johnson says that the convention still plays a very important role for all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

"Here is really where the rubber meets the road," said Johnson. "This is where all of that grassroots policy is coming to the table. The delegate body on Tuesday will have those conversations about those proposed policies and take them into the American Farm Bureau policy book. And based on those policies, those are the issues that we support. Those are those become our priority focuses."

She says that Farm Bureau is accustomed to new frontiers, especially on important issues facing America's farmers and ranchers.

"We're looking forward to all of the challenges that we've got in front of us like the Endangered Species Act and the farm bill," said Johnson. "Obviously, water continues to be a huge issue in the western United States. We're very thankful for the for the push back on the Waters of the US or WOTUS and the push back to the SEC on the proposed Natural Asset Corporations. We're very thankful that they've pulled that proposal. So, there's there's a lot of new frontiers that we face."

That's why Farm Bureau President Zippy Duvall empowered attendees in Salt Lake City to help chart the path to new frontiers for Farm Bureau and for their communities.

"We need everyone, everyone at the table working together so that we can reach those new frontiers," said Duvall. "That task is way too big for anyone one of us to tackle alone. Together we can reach that summit."

Delegates will be helping to chart Farm Bureau policy for the coming year during this year's delegate session. In the meantime, learn more about the American Farm Bureau Federation by visiting

Source: Western Ag Network