Farm Bill Provides Vision For Wheat Growers

October 10, 2023

Congress has created a lot of uncertainty in farm and ranch country. Most notably, the future of the new farm bill.

Montana Grain Growers Association Vice President Boyd Heilig says the farm legislation is very important to farmers across America.

"So, without a new farm bill it reverts back to the older one" said Heilig. "We want some some vision of where we're headed because our growers need the crop insurance. We need our disaster assistance that we've had in the last couple of years for tough years. There's a multitude of things that that we need to figure out."

He shares why the farm bill isn't just for farmers.

"With the farm bill, it comes down to national security" said Heilig. "The people in this country need to know where their food's coming from and that it's safe and abundant. And that's what farmers do. That's our major goal is to make a living feeding America."

He says it’s also important for farmers to belong to state organizations like MGGA so they have a voice at home and in Washington, DC.

"We go back every year to D.C. and advocate for for Montana grain growers and we get to see firsthand the hustle and bustle of D.C. and how how crazy it is," said Heilig. "We have good rapport with our congressmen and senators and they really want to know what what we want. So, we have our resolutions and we take them what our needs are."

Like others in agriculture, the U.S. wheat industry implores Congress to work collaboratively and swiftly to reach a resolution on FY 2024 appropriation and work to get a Farm Bill signed into law sooner rather than later.

Source: Western Ag Network