Fall Bred Cow Market Remains Strong

October 24, 2023

20th Annual Montana Angus Female Bonanza held Monday at the Public Auction Yards in Billings, MT. 3,433 head of bred cows sold.

According to USDA:

Demand was very good for the 20th annual Montana Angus Female Bonanza. Supply consisted of high quality, uniform, commercial Angus bred heifers and young cows as well as a dispersion of registered Angus cows. Market activity was active to very active with many buyers on hand from all over the country as well as on the internet and phone actively bidding on offerings. Heifer offerings were A.I. bred to Angus herd sires or natural serviced to high quality sons of popular Angus herd sires. Most AI bred heifers were set to calve in tight windows of 1-3 days and all pasture bred heifers and cows calve in 2 cycles or less. Cows and heifers were in light to moderate flesh condition. All AI heifer offerings were sorted for the sex of the calf, with all purchases tagged for sex. All cows were sold with mixed sexes. 3rd Trimester calve from now till January 25th, 2nd Trimester calve January 25th-April 28th, 1st Trimester calve after April 28th. Supply included: 100% Replacement Cattle (51% Bred Cows, 49% Bred Heifers).  

Source: Western Ag Network, USDA NASS