Evaluators Needed for American Wool Assurance Program

November 16, 2021

Wool growers are now progressing through the American Sheep Industry Association’s American Wool Assurance program, and as outside verification is needed for advancement to level II, AWA is looking for second-party evaluators.

Evaluators will work with ASI staff and directly with growers to confirm that they are meeting the AWA standards. Evaluators must have sheep experience and/or education and must be interested in helping and working with growers.

Information and applications are available at www.americanwoolassurance.org/wp-content/uploads/AWA-Evaluator-Application.pdf and are due by Nov. 29. Accepted evaluators will be trained via virtual sessions and able to complete level II evaluations in early 2022.

Wool producers are also reminded that the free, voluntary AWA program can be started anytime through the AWA website.

Click Here for more information on AWA.

Source: American Sheep Industry Association