CRA Seeks to Strike Biden Rule to Allow Paraguay Beef

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 26, 2024 — A slate of bipartisan lawmakers have introduced a joint resolution to protect American beef producers and consumers from Paraguay beef imports.

Congresswoman Yadira Caraveo has joined Rep. Ronnie Jackson of Texas in filing a Congressional Review Act joint resolution that would strike the Biden Administration’s decision to overturn a long-standing ban on beef imports from Paraguay.

“The CRA I’m carrying on a bipartisan effort with Rep. Ronnie Jackson from Texas, would disapprove of the final USDA rule that allows for the importation of Paraguay beef,” Caraveo said. “What we are mainly concerned about is that Paraguay has a long history of foot and mouth disease outbreaks, and there hasn’t really been a site visit in the last decade, yet this decision on allowing the import of beef from Paraguay has been made and I think really poses a danger to agriculture here in the United States and in Colorado. We haven’t allowed the importation of Paraguay beef for about 25 years, and were something to come in like foot and mouth disease and cause an outbreak here in the United States, it would be devastating to the cattle industry.”

Despite strong opposition from all of the major US beef trade organizations that have staunchly opposed the USDA decision to allow Paraguay beef imports, the USDA published their rule late last year. Caraveo said she doesn’t believe the beef from Paraguay has been shown to meet the high standards of the US.

There is a similar measure making its way through the Senate with Sen. Jon Tester from Montana and Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota.

Source: Western Ag Network