Colorado State University Issues Report on Possible Superior Farms Plant Closure

May 28, 2024

The Regional Economic Development Institute at Colorado State University just published a report outlining the far-reaching economic implications of the Denver slaughterhouse ban that has already qualified for the November ballot.

If passed, it would shut down the Superior Farms lamb processing plant in the city. Closing the plant would mean the loss of 15 to 20 percent of the country’s lamb harvest capacity.

"The CSU study underscores how the Denver ballot measure ban is unfair, ineffective and simply the wrong approach. Eliminating a local food source not only eliminates over $800 million in economic activity, it also hurts the environment by forcing restaurants and grocery stores to import lamb products from overseas while unnecessarily driving up food costs for consumers,” said Colorado Wool Growers Association Executive Director Bonnie Brown.

"Banning a single Denver business won't improve animal welfare in Colorado. But it will eliminate hundreds of jobs. This study shows that the ban not only eliminates 170 jobs at the employee-owned plant in Denver, but it also threatens thousands of other related jobs across the state,” said Zach Riley of the Colorado Livestock Association.

Click Here for more information and to download the full report.

Click Here to learn more about Superior Farms’ Stop the Ban campaign.

Source: ASI