Certified Angus Beef to Launch Mini-Documentary

December 31, 2020

Land and cattle, equipment and buildings-they've all been passed along in cattle families throughout history. There's the worn notice of a bull sale tucked up in the barn rafters or the century-old fishing cabins by the river. Those mean something to the people who've held onto them across decades, but the most important "thing" passed on from one generation to the next isn't a thing at all. It's the legacy of excellence.

This Sunday, Jan. 3, a five-part mini-documentary series, "A Rare Breed: Legacies of Excellence" will launch on the Certified Angus Beef brand Cattleman Connection YouTube channel. A new segment will premiere at 5 p.m. MST each Sunday night in January.

Follow along as these short video features detail registered breeders, commercial cattlemen and cattle feeders from Oregon to Texas. Get a glimpse of their family life and their cattle philosophy, and get ideas for your own operation.

"As we sit across kitchen tables or ride along in pickups with some really good cattlemen and women all over the country, we're often thinking, 'I wish everyone could see this or hear that.' This series is a way to give folks a more in-depth look at all that we learn when we're on location," says Miranda Reiman, director of producer communications for the brand. "We get to know their history, their cattle and their drive, and we hope others will find them to be as inspiring and entertaining as we did."

These producers know that doing the best is not only a worthy goal, it's also the most profitable, and thus the most sustainable, she says. "And that will be their legacy."

To watch this series unfold, follow the CAB Cattleman Connection channels on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, or visit www.CABcattle.com.

Source: Certified Angus Beef