BEEF 2022 Top 100 Seedstock Operations

May 19, 2022

For the past eight years, BEEF has assembled an annual Seedstock 100 list. This is done to determine the impact these operations are having today on the beef industry’s genetic base. It also seeks to establish the level of concentration in the industry.

As such, the BEEF Seedstock 100 list makes no claim to be representative of the seedstock industry. Neither is it a proxy for the quality and ability of the industry. Inclusion in the list is strictly limited to the number of bulls a seedstock supplier sells annually. The information is gathered from a variety of sources.

The 2022 class of Seedstock 100 operations expect to sell 56,787 bulls in 2022. The work for the new list was done in March and April.

The most prominent goal this year for seedstock producers was to help customers improve profitability, whether through better animal performance or by helping market offspring from the seedstock. Key genetic priorities for their programs included fertility and sound structure.

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Source: BEEF Magazine