MAGIE Features Latest in Ag Products, Services and Technology 

January 18, 2024

One our region’s largest farm and ranch shows is underway in Great Falls. Townsquare Media Market President Ron Korb says for over 50 years, the KMON-MAGIE is a can’t miss event in North Central Montana.

"MAGIE stands for Montana Agricultural Industrial Exhibit and that's the name it was assigned years ago," said Korb. "So, it's anything really in industry. Especially farm and ranch. That's the people that we have here. If you're in the Ag industry, you need to be here. It's awesome. There's lots of people, there's great attendance. And our exhibitors are excited to be here too. So, they want to see you."

He says the MAGIE is more than just a farm and ranch show-it’s also a reunion for the Ag Community.

"We get together and see the people we haven't seen for a while and have a chance to network," said Korb. "A lot of things happen here at the MAGIE beyond just looking at booths and stuff. The other thing that's pretty interesting to me over the years, because I'm not a farm kid, is to watch to watch the technology change, to see how things have changed over the years and grown. It's pretty interesting to see where it's been and where it's come from, where it's come from. And I would even say I'm not sure where it's going to go, but I'm going to be here to watch it now."

This year’s MAGIE runs Jan. 17-19 in Great Falls at Expo Park. For more information including an exhibiter list, visit

Source: Western Ag Network