It's Time for MATE-Montana's Largest Farm and Ranch Trade Show

February 16, 2023

Montana's largest Ag trade show is back! The MATE Show and Home & Health Expo, February 16-18 in Billings, Mont. at MetraPark, highlights agriculture products and services just in time for the upcoming spring season. The Home & Health Expo features a wide variety of businesses displaying products and services for the home including food and nutrition products, clothing, medical services, and more. Don't forget, admission is FREE!

MATE Show Manager Tracy Marchwinski says there's a lot of excitement for this year's MATE.

"Well, I think there's a lot of excitement because things are returning a little bit more to normal and there is more equipment available," said Marchwinski. "People are getting new lines in and they are very excited. They have these lines on the floor ready to show people. So, they need to have people come down here and, you know, kick some tires and see what that new item is."

She explains why the mate show is still so popular with farmers and ranchers.

"It is easy for anybody to go on their phone and use that technology," said Marchwinski. "But the one thing they can't do is they can't get in it, they can't feel it. They can't see exactly how big it is or how that machine works. When they come down to the MATE Show, they can talk with the dealers that are here in person. They can get instructional help right on site. And with that it just makes the buying process so much easier and it answers any unknown questions that might be out there."

There's also a lot of learning opportunities at the Mate Show.

"There are courses going on in our MATE Theatre," said Marchwinski. "There are spraying recertification credits and we also have companies that have signed up to do classes to show you the latest technology that is out there. Also in the booth, individually, people have televisions running, they have demonstrations that they're doing many things like that that will help people understand, increase their knowledge and make the farming operation better."

For more information about the MATE Show and Home & Health Expo, click here.

Source: Western Ag Network