Facebook Video Embed

See the contents of the code block below for how to embed a Facebook video. You'll need to replace the "src" attribute in the code blow with the one provided by Facebook's "embed" feature.

Here's a step-by-step guide to get the "src" from Facebook.

1. Find the video on Facebook and click the "Share" button.

2. Select the "Embed" option.

3. Carefully select and "copy" the entire "src" value in the popup (between the two double quote's). This will be a long string of text. (It might be easier to copy the whole code and paste it into a text editor, then copy the "src" value.)

4. Create a "Code Block" where you want the video to appear, and copy/paste the Facebook video code snippet and replace the "src" value.

Here's the code you can copy/paste.

<wester-ag-fb-video src="REPLACE_WITH_FB_URL"></wester-ag-fb-video>