UW Extension Offers Online Prairie Dog Management Course

April 14, 2020

A new online course for prairie dog management is available for commercial pesticide applicators through the University of Wyoming Extension.

Content for the Wyoming Department of Agriculture-approved Prairie Dog Management Certification course has been provided through a partnership with the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council and extension, said Jeff Edwards, extension pesticide training coordinator.

The course can be accessed by going to www.uwyo.edu/uwe and clicking on Extension Online Courses.

“This class is worth two continuing education units (CEUs) for commercial pesticide applicators looking for a refresher, or something new, for prairie dog management,” Edwards said. “It is new and first-time available online with completely new content. UW Extension has never offered prairie dog management as a standalone program for pesticide applicator CEUs.”

Brittney Gross, instructional technology educational specialist with UW Extension, designed the course and said the class is self-paced. Each of the three modules has an assessment. Participants must score at least 70 percent on each to receive certification. Once

successfully completed, a certificate will be e-mailed to the participant, and then the certificate must be mailed to the Wyoming Department of Agriculture to document the two CEUs.

There is a $10 fee that goes to the University of Wyoming Pesticide Safety Education Program to develop additional programs for Wyoming applicators, said Edwards.

Source: UW Extension